—Deputy EIC's meeting of CES TEMS

Time: 12 August, 2017, 13:00-13:30

Venue: conference room 3.5, International Conference Centre (ICC), Sydney


Prof. Jianguo Zhu, the general chairman of the ICEMS 2017, University of Technology Sydney, Australia;

Prof. Ziqiang Zhu, the TPC chairman of the ICEMS2017, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, University of Sheffield, UK;

Prof. Zhengming Zhao, Tsinghua University, China;

Prof. Jianxin Shen, Zhejiang University, China;

Prof. Jin-woo-Ahn, Kyungsung University, South Korea;

Ms. Dahua Xi, Deputy Secretary-general of China Electrotechnical Society, China;

Ms. Yaxi Zhang, Manager Editor of CES TEMS, China.


During the 20th ICEMS2017, which was successfully convened on August 11-14, 2017 in International Conference Center, Sydney, Australia, the deputy EICs who attended the conference and the editors of CES TEMS’s editorial office had a meeting to discuss the future publication work of the Journal, how to improve the Journal’s impact factor as soon as possible, and other issues.

First of all, the deputy EICs expressed their warm congratulations and appreciation to the 1st and 2nd issues of CES TEMS have been officially published on time and been uploaded to IEEE Xplore. Then, the deputy EICs discussed the future publication works of CES TEMS and concluded as follows:

1. The responsible Deputy EICs in 2018 are: Prof. Ziqiang Zhu for the 1st issue, Prof. Jianguo Zhu for the 2nd issue, Prof. Xinbo Ruan for the 3rd issue and Prof. Jin-woo-Ahn for the last one. Each responsible Deputy EIC should select a topic for his special section, and responsible for soliciting manuscripts, and thematic review of the manuscript. At the same time, the Deputy EIC should also be in charge of reviewing the general submission papers.

2. In the subsequent review process, the Deputy EICs should pay attention to the bibliography quality of each paper.

3. Currently, CES TEMS’s Editor Board didn’t have a Deputy EIC from Japan. Prof. Ziqiang Zhu was requested to recommend one Japanese expert as the Deputy EIC of CES TEMS.

4. Other issues.



After the meeting, Prof. Ziqiang Zhu not only successfully recommended Prof. Kan Akatsu as the Deputy EIC, but also recommended Prof. Ayman M. EL-Refaie, a young American professor (ECCE2014 General Chair and Fellow of IEEE) as the Deputy EIC. From now on, the CES TEMS is a truly international journal in the field of electrical machines and systems.