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· Correction_Harmonics in the Squirrel CageInduction Motor, An..
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· 01-Electromagnetic Performance Analysis of Variable Flux Mem..
· 02-Laboratory Implementation of Direct Torque Controller bas..
· 03-Utility and Application of a Versatile Analytical Method ..
· 04-Optimization of Generator Based on Gaussian Process Regre..
· 05-Airgap-harmonic-oriented Partitioned Design Method of PMV..
· 06-Permanent Magnet Temperature Estimation for PMSMs Using V..
· 07-Vibration Suppression for Active Magnetic Bearings Using ..
· 08-A Novel Multiple DBC-staked units Package to Parallel Mor..
· 09-Investigation on the Novel High-performance Copper/Graphe..
· 10-Harmonics in the Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Analytic C..
· 11-Wireless Power Supply Based on MNG-MNZ Metamaterial for C..
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